Feeling pretty good about the base functionality at this point so decided a minor version update was in order. So, here we have 0.1.0.

I’ve been noticing quite a few Windows Downloads. Since Windows usage requires a little extra setup with needing OpenSSH installed and to be in the user’s PATH, felt like a little guidance was in order.

A new Help Tab now exists. On Windows, this contains the About, and What’s New Menu Items along with a new Getting Started Item. This is just a tab that will open and display some general usage information on how to use things, along with a note for Windows users about the OpenSSH requirement. This tab will auto open by default the first time the app is ran.

I also want to add a color theme selection in the future. So I split out all of the actual color css into a separate CSS file, so that will make that a little easier when I get to that point.

– More changes to keep ssh term window from covering nav tabs.


– Added a Getting Started tab with some basic instructions on first usage.
– Added a Help Tab for Windows which will have the About, What’s New and Getting Started Menu Items.
– Added a Help Tab for Mac which will have the Getting Started Menu item.

– Cleaning up CSS and moving all colors to a theme CSS file to prepare for theme selection