While working on the import/export tool over the weekend, I noticed the data directory for the application was in a folder called opsshell and not opshell. This was because I misspelled it in the package.json file. Not a big deal, but enough to bug me.

So, I fixed this in package.json. Anyone upgrading, when the application is started after the update it will copy over everything in the old opsshell directory and then delete it. So, there should be no configuration loss during this update.

I also used this opportunity to rework the Menus slightly. Windows didn’t have a Close Opshell menu item, so I added this in, and moved things around a little bit at the same time.

– Mispelling of Opshell in package.json, so db directory was in the wrong location. Fixed with a small migration on startup

– Slight adjustment to Menu Items. Import/Export was moved to Opshell menu on Mac. Added a Quit Opshell in the File Menu for Windows.
– More work on the css to prepare for theme switching.