After an initial attempt at writing this in Swift I hit a roadblock with the whole shell session and being able to initiate an ssh session. I decided to start over using something that I was a little more familiar with and settled on Electron with Vue.

Within a week I have the basic functionality in place, although it wasn’t really utilizing Vue properly. A lot of jQuery being used to show/hide elements, etc. This I will work on cleaning up in the future, this initial release I just wanted to make sure I could have the base functionality that I was looking for. Version 0.0.1 achieved that.

– Add Organizations
– Add Regions to Organizations
– Add AWS Access Keys to Regions
– Scan for Required SSH Keys in a Region
– Import/Update SSH Keys
– List Instances in a Region
– SSH to an Instance
– Add a Bastion Host to a Region
– SSH to an Instance through a Bastion Host
– Remember what user / ip was used to connect to an Instance