Couple things I wanted to tackle here. One was an About page, so people could get to the Github repo easily to report issues/feedback. This turned into a bit of a learning experience. I initially wanted to do a native window for the about page, but I ran into a few issues there that I’m not quite sure how to work around yet with Electron. So, instead of spending too much time there, I went with a modal window.

Secondly, I wanted some type of notification when a new release was available. I’m not sure when or if I will put an auto update feature in. This requires actually app licensing for Mac, and Windows I believe, and since I’m just doing this as an Open Source project, I don’t really want to be investing anything in that at this point.

So, I stuck a release.json file up on s3. When the app loads it checks the release.json file for the latest version available and compares against the version in the package.json file. If a newer version is available, it just throws a little star icon next to the Github repo icon on the left menu bar. That will work for now.

I also found out that Bastion Host configuration was not saving the actual Bastion server correctly.


– Bastion Host was not properly saving

– About page
– Check for newer versions