I wasn’t really liking the whole modal window interaction for editing an organization. It was limiting in space, and it just didn’t really feel much like a desktop application. So I took a page from how Visual Studio Code does things and decided to open up a new tab for this instead. This fits well with the rest of the app since it already is tab based.

The end result turned out pretty well. I think it’s much cleaner, gives more space to work with in the future, and is much easier to work with than the old jQuery modals I was using. The only modal that is left at this point is the “About” modal that I’ll deal with at some point.

I also wanted to integrate some release notes into the app so it would be easy to see what’s changed. Added a menu item for this entitled “What’s New”. This will open a tab with that info by default the first time the app is ran when updating to a new version.

Found a few issues that needed fixing. One was just an improvement, and one was something I broke with the last release.


– SSH through a bastion host was not working properly due to a change in 0.0.7
– Tab headers now stay in place at top of screen when scrolling tab content


– Ability to set the default ssh user to a custom user instead of the standard AWS users
– Added a “What’s New” menu item, to show changelog. Will open first time app is opened when updated


– Removed all modals except for the about window. All configuration has been moved into a tab
– Removed most dom manipulation via jQuery in favor of Vue methods